Casing size






23 ppf
17 ppf 20 ppf 23 ppf
21.4 ppf
13.5 ppf 15.1 ppf
9.2 ppf
Manual input
Tool Type
Bridge plug Frac plug (Ball drop) Frac plug (Ball in place)
What is your application?
Proppant frac Acid frac Refrac Workover
Expected challenges
Casing restriction Acidic wellbore fluid High temperature High pressure Not much
15kpsi 10kpsi
Below 140°F In between Above 280°F
Fresh water Below 3% Above 10%
Pressure holding time
2-6 hrs 6-12 hrs Above 12 hrs
Dissolving time
Fully dissolved in 1-3 days Fully dissolved in a week
Would you like to eliminate coiled tubing
clean out runs for real?
No, clean out runs are needed to get the sand and debris out of my wells.
Getting rid of coiled tubing is not beneficial for me.
I'd love to try
Do you need pump ring for the job?
Yes No

We recommend CHAMELEON for your application.

Our design was field proven in North Sea work over operations.

We recommend WIZARD for your application.

It is widely used in daily frac operations, for both low and high, 10k - 15k.

We recommend WIZARD HEDP for your application.

Dealing with down hole restriction is our specialty. We have the perfect weapon for these nightmares. Our latest hyper expansion frac plug can expand up to 52% from its original OD.

We recommend WIZARD coated for your application.

Our D.ARMOR coating is able to prolong our frac plug's exposure under harsh down hole environment, such as acid and high salinity.

We recommend ZERO for your application.

Flowing back debris and sand thru conventional frac plug's small ID can be a problem, but not with ZERO.

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